Iron Range Cabins Accommodation

Comfortable, clean well equipped cabins for both corporate and tourist visitors


Lockhart River Aerodrome Company

Servicing Skytrans daily flights, private aircraft & charters 24 hours a day, seven days per week


Iron Range National Park

Visit the spectacular Kutimi Payamu (Iron Range) and experience unparalleled biodiversity


Lockhart River Community

Situated on the eastern coast of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.



The Lockhart River Aerodrome Company Pty Ltd is an independent entity owned by the Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council which owns and manages both the Iron Range Cabins and the Lockhart River Airport.

The Iron Range Cabins, provide modern, clean and comfortable accommodation facilities for both corporate and tourist visitors, located adjacent to the airport, 5km from the Aboriginal Community of Lockhart River.

The Lockhart River Airport services passenger flights, private aircraft & charter flights 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

The airport has a rich and interesting history, as it was built & used by the US and Australian armed forces during World War II.

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Evening meals from 11th to 14th Nov

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Evening meals only Mon to Thursday:  
A small engine powered boat lies on the beach before the sunset.

Meals Week 6th June 2019 – Menu

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New Menu Here is our latest menu. Please book in by emailing or phoning ahead.…

Iron Range Cabins

Modern, Clean, Comfortable Accommodation

Lockhart River Airport

Servicing Passenger Flights, Private Aircraft & Charters 24/7

Iron Range National Park

The Spectacular Kutimi Payamu, Unparalleled Biodiversity

About the Lockhart River Area

Lockhart River Info, Bird Watching, & Environmental Calendar

Other Facilities & Services For Visitors

Details for Art Centre, Fuel Supply, Post Office, Bank, Shops, Mechanical and Stores

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